Aug 3, 2008

Michael Vaughan steps down

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Vaughan did the right thing by stepping down from the captaincy of the England team in my opinion. The frustration is more when you are not performing and when your team needs you the most in needy situations. The last five innings from Vaughans blade produced only 40 runs and that is the telling difference between the series loss to South Africa who could have been stopped from the winning the series in the Second Test.

Vaughan Resigns.

This has been an on and off thing for Vaughan in his career, where he came back from the knee injury to take back a job which he left. Now that he has quit the job, he will be in less pressure situations and that should give him badly needed concentration to put back his game on track and prolong his career a bit. May be Vaughan has decided that he is not going to lead England into the Ashes series against Australia with his nagging form. And this is the time when he had to take this decision, as Australia is without the experienced Warne and Mcgrath, England has a chance to win back the Ashes if it is under less pressure. So overall Vaughan made a sensible decision to give England a fresh leader who is not under pressure to perform and lead the side afresh and with some time left to prepare the side for Ashes. And Kevin Pietersen is tipped take over from him in all the formats of the game as Paul Collingwood has also stepped down from the one day format as the captain.


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