Aug 16, 2008

IOC does not Recognise Global Ranking per Country !

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The International Olympic Committee says that it does not recognise global ranking per country, then is not Chinese Olympic body a part of IOC ? and or is it OK for the Chinese body to follow a ranking system of their own ?

Going by the respective websites of both the bodies they don't seem to be adhering to same standards. Have a look.

" The International Olympic Committee (IOC) does not recognise global ranking per country; the medal tables are displayed for information only.

Furthermore, the results that we publish are official and are taken from the "Official Report" - a document published for each Olympic Games by the Organising Committee. However, for the first Olympic Games (until Antwerp in 1920), it is difficult to give the exact number of medals awarded to some countries, due to the fact that teams were composed of athletes from different countries.

The medal tables by country are based on the number of medals won, with gold medals taking priority over silver and bronze. A team victory counts as one medal." ------ IOC International Olympic Committee.

But the Official Chinese website for Medals tally clearly is out of bound with their parent body and hence I believe discriminates the Olympic Spirit. Actually what I was focusing on was to publish Medals tally and ranking them. And when I was going through the search I found the Official Athens Olympics website closed down, so I followed the IOC website and found this declaration by the IOC. If it is the case then Official Chinese media should consider about this ranking system. This observation is made in true Olympics Spirit.

Official International Olympic Committee Website

And the readers can compare this with the Official Chinese Website for Medals tally

Official Chinese website for Beijing Olympics Medals tally
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