Oct 19, 2009

Swedish HIV vaccine shows encouraging results

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A new HIV vaccine developed by the Swedish Researchers at the Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm has shown encouraging results according to the news reports.

The vaccine tested on healthy people in Tanzania as test subjects showed the vaccine destroying HIV cells in the body and developing resistance to help protect the immune system from the deadly strain present in the vaccine.

" These are the best preliminary results that I am aware of for a vaccine of this type "  European Union's Vaccine specialist Manuel Romaris told the DN news daily in Sweden. The findings of the vaccine results are to be presented at AIDS vaccine conference in Paris on Monday. The details of the finding haven't been published in any journal yet. You can read about the story here.


nothing profound said... Reply to comment

This is great news. I hope something effective comes out of it.

Life with Passion ! said... Reply to comment

Yes NP, this is a great piece of news, lets hope for the best.

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