Mar 10, 2010

After a long long time

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I am writing this post after taking a long break as I was busy and really could not make up for writing a post.
I felt really bad but I was helpless. But while I was taking the break I initiated a new blog on technology and I hope time permitting,  I think I will be able to produce some good posts on the new topic too. I thank everyone who visited, followed and added me to their friends list, dropped me shouts, it felt really nice.

Initially when I started it was a new learning experience, didn't know how to move ahead. But of late I am more composed, what I want to achieve through my blogs and how am I going to do that ? It seems a little bit easier to me now.

Even though I am back after a long long time, I am more composed to move ahead. Thanks to the break, it seems to me a blessing in disguise.
And I always remembered my blogs and never forgot to keep a watchful eye. The idea of starting a new blog was to give me more room to differentiate between topics and wanted to focus on something which I like on this particular blog. Though I want to write articles on personal aspects of life but I don't know exactly how will it shape ahead. So, without thinking too hard I just want to start moving.


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