Sep 5, 2010

My blogging journey

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Life is a wonderful journey, where you learn it from the scratch. It was in 2004 actually, I came across blogs while surfing from my University labs, I even started one, but quickly forgot it in the hectic pace of life.

And later on, when I had some leisure in 2008 I re-looked at the people's networking world. I came to believe that it has in fact grown by leaps and bounds.

I mostly blogged some science, technology and miscellaneous informative posts all during this time. The experience gave me an understanding of the world of social networking. I am basically a leisure blogger.

But I have learned that it's a wonderful way to connect with people wide across the world belonging to different religions, cultures, race and creed.

I have also noticed in these two to three years time, that blogging for money is only for those who are really into it and totally dedicate after its success and develop a niche in delivering outstanding posts time to time.

I have come to believe that blogging is an effective social networking tool to connect with friends and strangers alike.


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