Oct 6, 2010

Belief in the Creation or Otherwise harmful ?

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Recently there was a healthy discussion to a question on the BC discussion board

My earlier posts on Life and Creation were somewhere coincidentally touching on the subject, so my reply was reflecting my earlier posts, I make you available those replies. And would like to know your thoughts on the subject.

 Many views were put forward by both the protagonists and the antagonists about the Creation theory, nevertheless subject concerns all of us. And I think I will discuss it further in my next post 
My comment to that question, I am sharing it with you...
I think it's nothing wrong in expressing views at all. And also believing in whatever state one he/she believes in.

But I think the problem is, when we does not believe in ourselves, i.e., not being truthful to the state of mind that we feel that we're in. And that could be anything like belief in the Creation or otherwise I think.

As far as understanding religions and God is concerned, I don't think God has ever sought ill about it's creation.

We could look for many examples in the animal life too. Like mammals in animal life bringing up their young with same affection as the humans do. That doesn't give an outright explanation that  God does exist.

Because it instills such a fear in the hearts of humans, that here we're to fight and kill and extinct the human race in the name of religion. That's where the pre conceptions of humans about God is wrong.

Again I would like to stress, that I am not trying to prove that God does exist. And many religions proscribe violence.

So where ever life exists, there's a struggle for existence. Be it human race or animal kingdom. Why so ?

I think misinterpreting and changing religious texts might be partly responsible. But still one day every life is going to end, considering the latest medical research, man is still mortal.

But before this short life of ours ends, we have some time to sit, think and ponder. It's not about being Religious or being an Atheist. It's about making the right call I think. Whether or not you like it. Because I think in this world there's not all that we like.

Here's a world and it has got its problems with everything and there's very few solutions....... Why ?

That's where it ends, whether we're atheists or religious, life's gonna end. It doesn't matter whether we're religious or atheists, but it matters what is inside of us, what we think about...
           What views you have regarding this question ? What are your views regarding Life, Creation, Atheism and Faith ?


nothing profound said... Reply to comment

I mostly agree with you. Questions about God's existence are really unsolvable. The best thing is just to live our lives as joyfully and humanely as possible and not even worry about such things.

Life with Passion ! said... Reply to comment

@nothing profound
Hi there Marty, I wish we could have all the answers, so that we could believe in it.

jayme2 said... Reply to comment

--Although I do also agree with NP that we should strive to live a joyful and humane existence, I also believe the answer is available. And questions like these are very important. =)

Life with Passion ! said... Reply to comment

Hi there Jayme2! It's a pleasant surprise.

I have a question for you. What made you think to start this particular thread at the Discussion forum on Blog Catalog?

Also I agree with what you have commented. And we will take a closer look at those answers in future ofcourse......
I hope we all stay together on this.

jay.me said... Reply to comment

Hi Valleyz, Sorry I didnt get back to this post and see your reply till now, I dont get to my own blog that often sometimes. --If you still want to know why...it's because people seem to have an idea that belief in God is somehow harmful, when throughout history it is false religion that has caused harm to man. --See you at BC. =)

Valleyz said... Reply to comment

@jay.meThank you for the reply, no it's OK, that's just fine. Now that I have known it why, I am happy! :)

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