Oct 9, 2010

Do we need to solve the mysteries of life ?

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Continuing from where I left in my previous post.............

The discussion continued, strong positions were taken by both the protagonists and the antagonists on the Creation theory...... And then some thoughts crossed my mind and I replied in the spirit of the discussion atmosphere.....

  Further If we look at the history, man never knew about laws to co exist, it was these people like Adam, Abraham, Ram, Buddha, Nanak, Jesus, Moses, David, Aaron, Noah and Muhammad that religions of today are thriving and based on those commonality of ideas originating from religions of old, that today's system of governance is based on. Whether you look east or west. We derive the same light from a star called Sun. I wonder what would have happened, if there were two stars, then it wouldn't have been all darkness. Darkness too has a very important role to play. And continuing Moon would have no role to play.

Though, after the world wars, extremist ideologies of any form were put to nil. Equality, freedom and human rights were brought into picture. These are the same things above said people preached. They achieved tremendous success and that is the reason why today we have so many religions co existing.

That doesn't mean extremist ideologies have evaporated from earth, they are there still since time immemorial. Only the battle grounds are being different.

I don't think religion's of old had any thing to do with these extremist ideologies of today. And also delving further about difference of opinion on religions, all the above mentioned people were mere mortals, though some were humans and some are believed to be God's Avatar, but the idea was one and the same, to save humanity from pitfalls.

Bad things about religion  "religious people" is people take it at face value and all of a sudden become God's people and start preaching, that indeed is also the flip side, because it naturally contradicts the rights of other people who do not believe in God or Who believe in a different God.

So, to bring about a semblance of equality to all the concerned groups of people, there should be more discussions on subjects like

Whether God exists ?

If yes Where is He ?

What does God want from its people ?

What people want from God ?

Which religion is true ? ( Based on facts, evidence and critical thinking and not on beliefs ) . This is the toughest question I think, and only collective will of the people can solve it, but not difference of opinion, of course provided people believe in religions.

What violence Religions proscribe ? Are they justified in today's world ? As I think, to ostracize, persecute verbally is also violence.

This is an important question in today's context as many think they have the mandate from God for their actions. And all those people thinking are humans and they are not a supernatural force like Angels etc.,

Are atheist's right in their Observations ?

Where do Atheists stand in today's society ?

Are the rights of Atheist's looked after ? ( because naturally Religions of today are in strong positions )

If God doesn't exist, Which way should the world move ahead ?

What is the price for peace ?

So and so, but the questions and thought process certainly doesn't end here, nor it is the only suggestion coming out of that particular discussion.Discussions and more discussions are needed based on critical thinking and hard facts..............Please feel free to express your point of view in the spirit of the post...

Thank you for reading.


askcherlock said... Reply to comment

I am a spiritual person, but not dogmatic in that I do not follow a particular religion. I do believe in God and that is where my faith lies. How others survive without some faith is a mystery to me, but I respect their rights to be agnostic or atheists. We all need to find peace, so it is a matter of where and how, I suppose.

Life with Passion ! said... Reply to comment

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Cher, If you could notice a line in the highlighted comment in this post "Whether you look east or west. We derive the same light from a star called Sun."

That makes me to think and believe, that creation belongs to one particular God and not many.

Your faith in one particular God confirms that fact. I appreciate your faith in God.

I agree with you on, it's a matter of where and how...

Thank you.

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Life with Passion ! said... Reply to comment

@Multi Blogging

Thank you for stopping and dropping the your link by( eh !), I will visit your right away !!!!! >)

baili said... Reply to comment

one of my favorite ,i really enjoyed being here congrats for such wonderful writing and beautiful blog take care

Life with Passion ! said... Reply to comment

Thank you so much for the appreciate, baili. And take care you too. Hope you are doing best.

Sibel said... Reply to comment

You and I are in the same views... I wish more people would realize it too. Their would be less blanket statements like Christians are... Jewish are ... and Islam are... There is extremism in everything, it is up to the individual to separate it from what is intelligent and comment sense.

Valleyz said... Reply to comment

Hi there Sibel, Yes you are right, the common sense you mentioned about in your comment, is a good point to reflect on.

Thank you for your valuable input. I appreciate it much. Have a nice day!!

Thought Bubble Ten said... Reply to comment

The more I travel on my life journey, the more I'm inclined to think that we (our minds) create our own 'mysteries' and then attempt to 'solve' them. If we attempted to question the very basis of our 'mysteries', they might well disappear.

For instance, before we even try to answer questions about 'god', shouldn't we first define what we mean by 'god'? If we do, we might find that all other questions relating to 'god' have to ultimately be solved/answered by each one in a very personal way and that no amount of public debate is ever going to resolve these self-generated problems/mysteries.

Of course, that would mean we'd have to find other mysteries to solve, other ways of convincing ourselves that we exist. After all, what would be do if there were no problems left to solve? :)

Valleyz said... Reply to comment

@Thought Bubble Ten
Thank you for your valuable input, like you put it " that we (our minds) create our own 'mysteries' ".

It makes me think again, and makes me to mention it again, where from our thoughts might have originated ? How a 'mind' and its associated thoughts took shape in its present form.

All of the human body has been researched, but hardly any progress has been made about this thought center called mind, in a real sense, and humanity still remains clueless at its construction. So, if we discuss mind, then again mysteries crop up.

It feels so right when you say, what would we do if there were no problems to solve. In your own words you point towards a scheme it seems, around which the Universe is floating. There's subtle unwarranted agreement in your disagreement, is what I feel. :>)

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