Oct 30, 2010

Does faith or otherwise make any difference in daily life?

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Are you religious?

Predictably the responses  were varying to this question.
 Among them I  will mention one of the response to this discussion.
The reason I am discussing these issues is, can we throw any light on matters such as these through discussions. And in that spirit please do note that, the User reply or my response does not hold any significance. These discussions are certainly not about taking sides. But in general, reflection of our own ideas and thoughts.

Are you religious ?
Not that one to know who is one and who is not.
But does it make any difference in your life if you are in everyday life.?

There were some people who had belief part of their daily life and some people didn't. One of the anonymous user expressed "religion overdose" of mass and congregations as the reason for his exit from the religion, where he felt a lot of pressure. I replied to him, I make you available that comment. The reason for only this comment, I felt for a moment whether or not the User made the right call. I am not interested in anyone's choice. Nor can we sit here and make any clear opinion unless we know a person personally. Moving ahead to my reply to the User.

"I agree with your situation, and I truly empathize with you, certainly I do feel sometimes that religious congregations and preachings overdo the acts, where we feel somebody is making an ass of our situation.
We feel like we're grounded, crave more and more to be liberated, to be free and wild, with no strings attached.
Thank you for sharing this again!
But online debates itself influencing your decision creates doubts in my mind, that assumptions you have made about religion hold to be true.
Can online debates only could solve a problem? No. But we can have some information guiding in that direction, and subsequent action on our part, digging into the root of problem, may help uncover the mysteries of life.
May be you have reached the point, and then thought something differently. But if I were you, I certainly would have dig deeper before reaching any conclusion.
Like go in for a search, What exactly is the crux of the matter ? Why these particular set of beliefs hold out to be true ? How can they be so right that I need to believe in them or otherwise ? But then life is such a funny thing, it plays so differently to every moment in time. Sometimes I wonder if we could capture time.But some principles in life hold out to be true with or without religious sanctity, the principles of nature.
Like for example buoyancy, had there been no buoyancy we could not have explored the world, we still could not have been, where we are today, and where we are moving ahead into the future.
But I am here to respect everyone's views and I am just curious to know, how people lead their daily lives, does faith or something else takes root in their daily life matters and I am not going to be outbalanced by the direction of this thread ."

What makes part of your daily life? Is it belief in a God or Spirituality, Meditation or other techniques or Atheism ? How does it help you in taking daily life decisions? Are you sure it is anything to do with belief or faith? Are you sure you are making the right call ?

But the bottom line I think is, whether we believe it or not, it matters what is inside of us, what we think about. Because there's not all that we like in this world. Whether or not we like it, life's gonna end one day.

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day!

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baili said... Reply to comment

i agree ,it is all about our inner thoughts and feelings which matters in daily life and it has nothing to do with the religion that we show to the world stick with ,
thanks for nice sharing
god bless

Valleyz said... Reply to comment

@bailiI am glad to hear that, baili. Hope you are now fine and doing well as usual. Have a nice day!

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