Nov 14, 2010

Why do you think, that this world exists?

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The world keeps moving on and we keep searching for answers, the many secrets behind the existence of this Universe. For some people, it just does. Some believe in theories like the Big Bang theory. But ultimately no one on this planet have complete answers depicting why and How this Universe exists?
There are several laws indicating that the Universe is expanding at regular intervals and research community predicts it will continue to do so in future and may be indefinitely.

But for many of the people on the planet it exists for a clearly defined purpose. A purpose indicating a scheme. A journey leading towards an ultimate destination.

Though the scientists can explain laws of physics around which a Universe exists. But they cannot deny the claim that a God exists. Renowned Scientist and the Author of best selling book A Brief History of Time Stephen Hawking made a mention that he doesn't claim that a God doesn't exist, Hawking noted, probably people presume to hold the view of God to laws of physics, an impersonal God, he quipped.

We see there are several laws explaining Physics and everything inside the Universe, as for the existence of emotions like joy, happiness, sorrow and other intimate moments in life, there is no tangible explanation to these questions, as to Why do these emotions exist? What are the laws governing them?
Why does a man has such a short time here on the planet, as if for sightseeing? He seldom is satisfied with what he has got. Why do these feelings crop inside a human brain? Any reflections?

 And then during a recent discussion on the same question I felt may be, so that we can see for ourselves. That blind cannot see, dumb cannot speak, deaf cannot hear, lame cannot walk. How beautiful and lucky to have all those abilities and above all the mindset to think. Think that which is right and then make a choice. Those who have made a choice are successful in this world, I felt.

May be this is the reason why a Universe exists for us to make a choice based on hard facts and actual Truth that could fit the bill. Please feel free to leave your comments on the subject. Thank you.


Aries said... Reply to comment

It doesn't really matter to me how the universe exist but most important is that we acknowledge it's beauty and enjoy every minute of it while we can. Happy blogging to you

Valleyz said... Reply to comment

@AriesHi Aries,

I agree with you Aries, we should enjoy this life every minute, we're so lucky to be here.

Thank you for stopping by, I wish you too very happy Blogging!!! :)

baili said... Reply to comment

i also agree all we can do to live a beautiful life which has no harm for any one and should live it with great sense of gratefulness
thanks for great sharing
take care

Valleyz said... Reply to comment

Hi there baili! You are absolutely right, thank you too for sharing your thoughts! Wish you the best!

Lana Gramlich said... Reply to comment

Why the world exists is a distracting waste of time. The important part is to strive to be happy in one's life.

Valleyz said... Reply to comment

@Lana Gramlich
Hi Lana, I agree with you. Yes it's very important what you've stated. Thank you for sharing this valuable insight.

Eyewitness said... Reply to comment

Valleyz, at a time when materialism is prevailing all around us I am glad to see that some people are still thinking and writing about the purpose of life. I disagree with those who think its a wastage of time.

Best Wishes

Valleyz said... Reply to comment

@EyewitnessHi there,

Thank you for joining in, yes too much materialism, we need to balance out the things. I agree with what you've said.

I think it's important to keep discussing about purpose of life and all related matters in all times.

I too am glad to see your interest, thank you very much for visiting and the comment.

Have nice time!

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