Dec 15, 2010

Can You Create Your Own Happiness?

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During a recent discussion on  a question behind the philosophy of happiness, I made a comment which I would like to make available to you and please feel free to leave your thoughts on the subject.

The link to the discussion post can be found here.

The questions under discussion are as follows, And below you can find my reply to these questions.

1. Do you think people can create their own happiness?
2. Do you think opportunities for happiness come along, and then you have to seize them?
3. Do you think it's even reasonable for people to expect much happiness, considering that life is so full of hazards and unexpected developments which constantly upset and overturn our dreams and our plans?

Before answering your questions I will again like to stress what does happiness means to us? like by putting this question ,

What is happiness?

Being in a happy state of mind is what I think.

I think it's an emotion. It is an illusion. Like all the emotions in this world. The real question is why are we so dependent on such emotions?

1.Yes, of course. But we all have different standards. Is there any need for a single standard?

2. Yes, as well as no. Yes in a sense you need to grab some opportunities like say in a relationship by showing how much you care for the other person.

And no because for some things you just can't do anything and are helpless, like a farmer waiting for the rains for his standing crops, he could do nothing but is at the mercy of the skies. If there's no rainfall in whole of a nation, it's a troublesome situation for the country. A farmer as such expects rainfall and when it rains, he is happy. That's his happiness to reap a full harvest.

3.Life is as such a hazard in itself so to speak. If we think how much time have we spent on this planet, it feels like very little. Though we may have some memories of old, but still the moment we live in is the one we grasp at hand. As such a life is so short that sometimes we miss the mark to measure it up precisely, is what I think personally.

And regarding your question, is it reasonable? Yes, of course. What do we think the purpose of life is?

And the latter part of your question is nothing but the reality of life, there's no way to escape it. Death is part of life, hazards as such, humanity has learned the bitter hard way how to survive.

If we are to think that nothings gonna struck ahead in the future as we see now and feel that human species have evolved. I think we are a bit over confident about what we have achieved altogether.

Dreams and plans are meant to be upset on this planet, because we haven't found the root cause of an ultimate plan called Universe and hence. If we still are happy and are creating our happiness then there's nothing wrong in it but the thing that we are overtly generous.

Does that mean one does not need to create his own happiness?


But whatever happiness oneself creates must be reflecting the reality and truth is what I think.

What views do you have regarding happiness?



Gabriele said... Reply to comment

Happiness is quite easy to gain for all those who appreciate the beauty of our world.
It is also more at reach for artists as well as for dreamers, in my mind.

On the other hand, happiness may be terribly spoiled when short of cash, medical insurance and similar help, once you are elderly.

Just figure that it is certainly impossible to enjoy happiness when your tooth hurts and you can't have it repaired.

That's why we should do our utmost to prepare a future road for us where happiness may find fertile grounds.

Valleyz said... Reply to comment

@GabrieleHi there, Gabriele.

Yes in a way you are absolutely right. One should take care about his life in this world. But mystery remains about what happens to a person when he exits this world. And that's a more real question.

When we have a property, we have our claim. The real question is when there's a star studded Universe, will not be there a claim?

Keeping this realities in mind, I feel Man needs to balance his needs in this world as well as for the life after. And keep searching until he finally reaches his destination well prepared for the both. Thank you.

Aries said... Reply to comment

Well I am a believer that happiness can be created. When you are down and out, just think of happy thoughts and it would bring a smile on your face - like that old movie - sound of music. Happy blogging and smile always

Valleyz said... Reply to comment

@AriesI cannot agree with you more on this Aries. Thank you so much for stopping by. Actually I am posting this edited version of the reply to your comment, the comment which I had earlier posted in 2010 as a reply to yours was deleted, as I did not like it.

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