Sep 12, 2013

After the break

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After a very long break starting afresh.After a long unwanted break from blogging I browsed the web a while and found some blog directories missing, popular social networks like MyBlogLog missing and many voices missing from the discussion forums. I felt I was missing something.

But was happy to see some well known voices still out there with the same spirit and enthusiasm. Also the new bloggers making it to the world wide web. Blogger made huge developments to its platform offering more to its users.

I don't know how long I will keep posting, this is my first post after a long time, I always wanted to have different blogs for different purposes. But during the initial years could only manage to write one. Hope fully I will do justice. . Thanks to Blogger and others for keeping my account intact. Wish it could have been the same with the email services. Wish you all the best.


TPSR said... Reply to comment

Welcome back. We expect more from you. Always will be with you. All the best. I am here

Valleyz said... Reply to comment

Thank you for the Visit and the support.It is so nice to hear from you.

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