Sep 20, 2013

In unity lies our strength

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Dear friends,

Time has come for us as citizens of the world to stand united, particularly in matters of governance, as inefficient governance is leading to injustice to large sections of people in different parts of the world.  When we talk about governance of the world, then we are talking about whole of the humanity as one race.

If humanity is not united and shy away from identifying itself as one race then we are not doing justice to our existence on this planet, which we have inhabited from time immemorial. 

There’s no one out there in the entire planetary system like we exist here on this planet with immense possibilities.  We have a tremendous responsibility on our shoulders and we cannot look the other way or just forget about it. It’s in our hands as a people, as a nation, to shape our destiny, our future, our endeavor.

We as a people need to bridge the gaps of inequality together on the road towards justice. We as a people should leave our differences behind and forge an unbreakable alliance so that we march ahead on the road towards justice.

People have long suffered injustice on one pretext or the other. In the past injustice has been meted out on the basis of race, injustice has been meted out on the basis of religion, creed, sex, region and so on.

More than two thirds of the world’s population is hard working ordinary middle class. The systems of governance of today’s world are serving a section of people of the earth. Where the rest, are lagging behind. 

There is a strong urge now than ever before to bridge these existing gaps. 

There is struggle for basic amenities like water, food and shelter in most parts of the world. There are long pending territorial disputes. There is hunger, child malnutrition and child labor prevailing in many regions of the world.  There is large scale female foeticide in many countries.

Today there is an urgent need to look into these issues like never before. There is urgent need for addressing these issues in a holistic manner.

But only through unity we can achieve these goals. If we are not united then we are talking about injustice. 

There is a strong need like never before that world should now engage in serious debate about how we should move forward or it will not be far away that our incompetence and inefficiency will cast a huge shadow on the future generations and they will not forget us for a world, we would be offering them to live in.


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