Sep 14, 2013

Need for transparency

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I remember the days just before I fell ill, the Wiki leaks stories were doing the round and Julian Assange visited Sweden hoping to find country’s liberal laws on media  freedom would support his mission and was addressing social gatherings, there was much fanfare and press, and later soon allegations were brought against him by two Swedish women of misconduct.  

Going with Assange’s track record it would be hard to believe he may have committed the crime but you never know the truth unless proven.

 Sweden has strong ties with the U.S. and there are media reports that  Sweden has participated in secret rendition plans of the CIA by allowing flights chartered by CIA carrying unknown detainees to secret locations across Europe possibly  U.K.

Prosecutors were undecided initially, there were allegations of the episode being given a political color. And an Interpol notice was issued against Assange who traveled to UK and the rest everyone knows.  I hope there is an amicable settlement of the issues involved.

But the debate is far wide open, whether it’s O.K. to challenge national policies of a Sovereign country in the manner conducted by the activists. Or U.S., the world’s most influential and powerful nation on earth was exceeding it’s mandate with the people. If looked at deeply, you can see that it is not just about the U.S. alone but all the countries may have to face opposition in their respective countries with same tenacity and aggressiveness.

No government of the day would like to see this happen and would as evidently take necessary measures to stop it. The most important question in front of the people is always whether to go with the anti-govt view or resist it or remain neutral. The choice is always with the people. But people cannot remain spectators for long as that would be detrimental for its cause.

And recently came the news of CIA contractor Edward Snowden quitting, over what he considered unacceptable U.S. policies of surveillance and interference, breaking security protocols meant to safe guard the communication, without people ever knowing it. News is filtering by the hour and by the day the extent to which there has been surveillance.

Internet companies in the U.S. are worried about the fallout on their businesses as no one would now believe that the products they are selling cannot be compromised. European media is discussing these issues concerning their respective countries.

I personally feel there needs to be transparency in the government affairs and politicians should not play into the hands of vested interests and lobbies and do what is necessary for human endeavor. 


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