Sep 26, 2013

One world

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It is necessary to have a single standard of governance for human beings to sustain on earth, if there is no single standard then there will be unequal distribution of resources and opportunities in the world.

Universally speaking, that is the reason why we have a unique solar system, where we draw our resources from a single ecological system.

We derive the light energy from the same source.

It is the single standard of water cycle we have, we have no other alternative.

It is the single system of photosynthesis that sustains plant life on earth.

We live in a connected world. We need to understand the realities of the world.
 On the pretext of intellectual and other rights of discovery, world cannot hold hostage other people who are lagging behind. 

Because the foundations of discovery and innovation are inherently linked to the system of sustenance of life on this planet, without which nothing could be discovered or invented. That does not mean injustice to the talent and hard work.

We live in a world where we have disparities in many spheres.
 We live in a fractured world, we live in a fractured society.

Otherwise in today’s age of innovation and design, we would not have lost millions of lives on one pretext or the other. It is highly imperative up on the humanity today than any other time to initiate steps in the right direction to address the issues besieging the world and eliminate them for the sustenance of a just and equitable world.

World cannot afford to live in an atmosphere of suspicion and lack of trust. 

There is no doubt, that there are serious territorial disputes, but people should move forward and look ways to bridge those differences.  Not by denying what is truth and righteousness. Not by denying what is equitable and just.

I believe this world is based on principles of justice and truth, and it will sustain itself till the time truth remains in this world. 

For us to move forward I believe there’s only one way, we should move forward as a single community, as a single entity, and as a single united race.


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