Aug 7, 2008

Its a fifty-fifty for Srilanka and India in the last Test at Colombo 2008

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Sri Lanka and India are gearing up for the final Test at Colombo. Both the teams are looking formidable, and have some concerns in the batting department. Both the teams will have a go at the decider of this series. Sri Lanka will try harder to not to let go the chance of defeating the Indians as they were drubbed in the last series in India by a margin of 2-0.

The pitch at Colombo is considered a fastest pitch in the country which is going to assist the pace bowlers. How good Ishant sharma will bowl in this pitch is to be seen. Last test match had couple of heroes in each days play with their decisive contributions, Sehwag single handedly scored the runs, Harbhajan then gave India a slender lead with his six wicket haul in the first innings, then Ishant followed up when nobody expected how a fourth day pitch will respond to pacers. Sri Lanka didn't had a chance and were completely subdued by individual brilliance of some players in the opposition.

Sangakkara will be the man to look out as the pitch will suit his style of play with Jayawardene to be the main stay in the Sri Lanka team in the battting department. Sachin and Dravid will be looking for some long stay at the crease. Toss will be vital and given the nature of the pitch team winning the toss should bat first given the hard nature of the pitch and score good runs to put opposition under pressure as the match progress. The final days will be for the spinners when cracks open up, the Sri Lankan duo of Murali and Mendis could prove decisive. Ideally if Sri Lanka wins the toss it will be an interesting battle between Indian pacers and the Sri Lanka batsmen.

Its hectic week in the field of sports with all the cricket and biggest spectacle in sports Beijing Olympics are ready for the show. Have a nice sports weekend of the year !


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