Aug 6, 2008

Sweden medal hopefuls

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Sweden medal hopefuls at Beijing Olympics 2008

1. Stefan Holm, High Jump, final is scheduled at 19th of August 1:10 pm Swedish time.
2. Susanna Kallur, Women’s 100 metre hurdles, 19th of August 4:25 pm Swedish time.
3. Carolina Klüft, Women’s long jump, participation day August 22nd Swedish time 1:20 pm.
4. Ara Abrahamian, Men’s Greco Roman wrestling, 84 kg, participation day August 14th 10:00 am.
5. Ida- Theres Nerell, Greco Roman Wrestling, 55 kg, August 16th 11:35 am.
6. Stefan Nystrand 50 metre men’s freestyle, August 16th 4:35 am.
7. Therese Alshammar, 50 metre women’s freestyle, August 17th 4:00am.


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