Aug 5, 2008

Cricket at Olympics.

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Cricket at Olympics is the new buzz among the cricket lovers. The idea first endorsed by Adam Gilchrist is slowly catching up with other players too voicing their support. Notably Steve Waugh has voiced his support for the idea for Cricket becoming part of Olympic glory. Being a part of commonwealth silver winning team of Australia in 1998 Waugh clearly knows the glory it attaches to Cricket being part of the biggest spectacle on earth. Other notable players supporting the idea are Ganguly, Laxman and Yuvraj from India, Sangakkara from Sri Lanka and New Zealand's former skipper Stephen Fleming. Cricket of late is evolving into a more globalized game thanks to the 3 hour format of twenty twenty which lasts less than most number of tennis matches as observed by Laxman. After, all the application processes then Cricket can be a part of 2020 Olympics, but as of now it is facing competition from other sports such as baseball, golf and Karate.


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