Aug 4, 2008

Education in Sweden to be charged.

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There has been a lot of talk about Swedish free education being curtailed from 2010. This means students attending Swedish Universities outside of EU has to pay the fees as their counterparts in other western countries like USA,UK and Australia. Swedish student union is quite averse to the idea, fearing there might be a drop in the students studying at Sweden's universities. But the government seems to have a firm view of the decision it is going to make which has been in the discussions since 2004 prior to the formation of this govt led by Prime Minister of Sweden Mr Reinfeldt. Sweden is a world leader in Telecommunications and other related technology fields. Many big companies on the world market scene are from Sweden such as Volvo, SAAB, IKEA, TeliaSonera, H&M to name a few. On the other hand the government at Riksdag is going to discuss about a proposal of giving the students work permits who have succesfully studied their Masters education and also have a Job offer.


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