Aug 26, 2008

Nadal Cruises into the 2nd round of US open

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Rafael Nadal moves into the second round of the US Open Mens Tennis Tournament after being stretched a bit by the German Qualifier Bjorn Phau in straight sets 7-6,6-4-7-6.

It looked as if Nadal, the newly crowned no:1 player in the world would have an easy outing against the German who is playing only the second ATP match of the year. German Bjorn Phau ranked 136 in the world played some good tennis in stretching Nadal into three tie breaks, Nadal looked wiery after his gruelling tours, first the Wimbledon win, then winning the Gold at Beijing and now travelling all the way back.

He made 36 unforced errors and when it looked Nadal would win the set, German twice forced the game into tie breakers, Nadal roared to win them easily. Asked how he is feeling after becoming the No:1 Player in the world and top seeded at the US open, he replied the goal was same when No 2 and it would be the same now, to win the US open.


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