Aug 15, 2008

Phelps 7th Gold ties Mark Spitz's Record

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Michael Phelps has win his seventh gold to tie with all time Mark Spitz's Olympics record 7 golds at a Single Olympic Championships in a photo finish.

1 Michael Phelps (50.58) USA New Olympic record
2 Milorad Cavic (50.59) Serbia
3 Andrew Lauterstein (51.12) Australia

The WR(50.40) in this event is held by Ian Crocker of USA and he came fourth.

It was a Photo finish. Mark Spitz earlier was speaking in a news daily about deciding the winner in these type of tight finishes, the one who looks up the scoreboard after finishing the race is the one who touches the line, is considered most probably the winner. This ability of a swimmer who looks at the Score board after finishing a race wins him the race according to Mark Spitz speaking to AP.


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