Aug 15, 2008

Reward $15,876 !

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Now, that's a story. Can anybody find a lost dog, the reward for recovering the dog is a whopping 100,000 Kroner ( $15,876 ) now that is quite a reward. The dog belonged to an elderly couple Maina and Lars Ullstrand in Norrköping in eastern Sweden.

And the prize money being offered is by an anonymous billionaire businessman from Scandinavia and he has this to say "To steal a poor defenceless dog, that's really low. With this money, they (the robbers) can buy a lot of dogs," the Scandinavian billionaire speaking to Local newspaper Aftonbladet in Sweden on condition of anonymity.

The couple have searched the dog desperately but to no avail. "We're in total despair. He's like a child to us," said Ulstrand, 60, to the newspaper TheLocal in Sweden, the couple were overjoyed to have heard the news of a businessman supporting their cause.

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