Aug 13, 2008

Safe Driving !

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Driving is fun, if you have hit the road on a Highway, you'll know it. But it is not so easy to speak, you need to be an expert before heading on to the Highway, also it depends in which country and on which road you are driving. Definitely successful driving stint involves a lot more patience and stamina, if you are driving for a longer period say seven or eight days, moreover climatic conditions, the conditions of the road, your vehicle setup and many factors do count.

Particularly if you are a speed enthusiast, who likes to make a kill on the road keep a few things in mind, it is never OK to overstepping the gas on a road which has speed limits, it might not be a problem for you but can become a hazardous situation for others. Driving accidents happen with in no time, most of the times you do not have a chance, and if somebody tells you ' hey I just escaped miraculously, else I would have been in heaven ' believe him. A simple fall if you are driving a bike and a simple skid from the road of your car is just enough the reason required for your ultimate demise. I have had a few miraculous escapes and I know I am quite lucky along with a few of my mates. Nobody thought we survived, and miracle was we suffered some minor injuries. It's very easy to step up the gas but its very difficult to control your vehicle after that.

In the West the traffic is pretty much in control most of the times, except on the weekends when there's a sudden spurt in drunken driving cases. Which is nothing but driving to your death. As many lives are lost in accidents but people seldom take precautions. Also when the roads are slippery people tend to drive as they are stuck to a magnet, no you are just a few bad turns away from the real danger. When it rains, the water or in the snow, causes your grip on the road lessen by a huge factor. Even though if you have good brakes, they will be of no use to prevent you vehicle from skidding, because the friction between the tyres and the road almost vanishes.

Faster driving is really fun, but only when you are in full control, when you have a good eyesight, good reflexes and great stamina. Your response times to any eventuality have to be very very good or else you are damned. It's a great sight when a Schumacher or an Alonso makes a kill in Formula 1. They are the most difficult machines on earth to control, you have the liberty of making a faster drive, but actual thing is to control your vehicle after that, play any simulation game with a Formula 1 car with normal settings and you will know it.

Everybody can drive a car or a bike faster or control it, but there are techniques for every art and there are for driving too. So, if you are thinking of driving faster, try to learn those techniques, like every other art, driving too needs to be learned early so that you can Master it. Some people learn to drive very late, you will learn to drive but you will have lesser experience controlling your vehicle, so learn driving when you are young if you think you are going to drive in the future.


janz said... Reply to comment

nice post!

Life is Passion ! said... Reply to comment

thanks, its funny I think :)

Life is Passion ! said... Reply to comment

Even though after so many years of experience, I recently met with an accident, fortunately didn't had any broken bones :)

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Hi, thank you so much for coming by my blog : )!

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Hi there, its nice to see you.
I will visit you again.
Thank you too for the visit :)

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