Aug 18, 2008

Sri Lanka takes the lead in the series by winning the Opener !

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India loses its first one day cricket match to Sri Lanka by eight wickets, Sri Lanka has continued its winning form where it left in Asia cup. Sri Lankan pace bowlers kept a tight length removing Indian top three with 36 runs on board. Sri Lanka was off to a great start. Nearly half of the job done now it was the turn of Sri Lankan Spinning juggernaut to take the stage. And the job was clinically done. Ajantha mendis removed inform Yuvraj singh who in a practice match scored a big hundred and the Indian bandwagon was complete when Skipper Dhoni was forced to edge a leg break into the slips by Mendis. While Muralitharan kept himself busy with the job of removing the Indian tail, which he was more happier to finish with in no time. And all of the batsmen never made any threatening stance and never did they were allowed to score by the Sri Lankan bowlers.

It is not that Indian batsmen are new to spin, I think the recent 20-20 or you can say 120 ball format has taken over the mindset of cricketers all over the globe, Cricket is a different ball game, where you need to stay at the wicket if you are a batsmen until you have your share of runs, I think the batsmen are losing on the patience front, which is the main element in any successful cricketers repertoire, the best players of spin carve their innings and never get tied down by the spinners.

Inzamam ul Haq comes to mind as one of a few batsmen who never let the situation dominate him, being a middle order batsmen, Inzamam scored many of his international runs playing the spinners who dominate the middle overs in a typical one day innings, instead of the batsmen getting frustrated it was spinners who loved to see his back, if the mindset is to score huge sixes and hard hit fours then you will have to digest these type of annihilation by the opposition, unless you don't learn to be patient you are never going to wear down the spinners.

Even after the advent of One Day International Cricket, Cricketers did not migrate from the basic techniques of the game in quite contrast to what we can see these days, a new format of game, new format of many diverse strokes played by the batsmen these days and new format of strategies will definitely play a havoc on any team with these type of results.It comes down to, on your day you are the king, where Cricket as a game will be the big sufferer.

It is more of a psychological test of a batsmen, where one needs to remember, that he belongs to all the three formats of the game and he can do that only by playing Cricket in a true sense and not just by wagging his bat around.


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