Aug 27, 2008

What are people actually doing on the web ?

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This is a news story running on the popular Web space Yahoo by none other than Melanie Lidner at, the news report delves deeper into the latest trends in terms of peoples interests on the web and whats actually happening inside the popular Web World. According to the news report which credited the Analysis to ComCore, a webdata tracker, Americans spent a whopping 302 billion minutes online only the last month.

Now these figures are only about USA, what about whole lot of other people from China, which recently overtook in terms of density, the EU, Australia, then Asia Pacific, India etc., Now if take into account all these factors the market is expanding at a relatively faster pace than we might think. And among all of the industries User generated data is making the kill.

An in depth detailed analysis done by the site has this incredible figures to disclose.

Google, as we all know, attracted some 127 millon unique visitors last month, a 62% more of what it attracted three years ago at 76 million UV's, 7 million more than the next nearest popular web giant Yahoo.

Notice that there are other search engines too, which are not taken into account here. And what about those who directly hit the links without using the search engine. There is a point here to be noted, How many times Have I used the search engine today, 5 times, 10 times, in all of my browsing time today. It is a very less percentage of time that I spent browsing the Internet. If we take into account all these factors, the average usage time will be some where around 302 billion minutes only for America, leave alone the rest of the world.

The news story focused on the trends in the Web world where companies have no other alternatives other than to do more research to know what people actually are doing on the web.

What with the huge influx of traffic by the video media based YouTube and Social Networking sites such as LinkedIn, MySpace and more, people are moving more towards online social forums and blogs to look for discussions and information.

The news story also reported that the almost unknown, Glam Media, an advertiser-supported collection of Blogs and other Women related content Catapulted to 18th spot, now that is like, What All The Women Actually Are Doing On The Web.

User generated data is the in thing today, with more and more people have stormed the web world. The Web World is all the more focused on the User trends online.

What Are People Actually Doing On The Web ?


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