Sep 25, 2008

Another Suspected Shooting Threats after Finland shootings

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Coming close on the heels of the class-room shootings in Finland where many students died including the shooter, a School in Sweden discovered similar threats which led to the schools closure for the day. Police is said to have arrested a student in Västerås , a Swedish city some 100 KM west of Stockholm for making a YouTube video of a threatening nature involving guns, police said to AFP according to the news report published in the TheLocal the Sweden's English News Portal.

The full story can be read at The Local

Västerås is a city in central Sweden on the shores of Lake Mälaren, Västerås


Pentad said... Reply to comment

What in the world! This is not typical Scandinavian behavior. I lived in Norway for 18 years. I was kind of shocked by this!

Life with Passion ! said... Reply to comment

It is really horrible to watch these kind of things taking place in Scandinavia, lets hope these are just the isolated incidents and doesn't spread to other areas.

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