Sep 27, 2008

In memory of those who lost their lives and in affection of those who are still alive and in need of help.

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It makes me wonder why these sorts of incidents happen, a series of violent actions. Firstly in Finland the guy in question Matti Sarri from Finland causing the bloodshed. In the other incident a Swedish student is said to have made a video involving violent actions using guns, the timely Police action is said to have unearthed some real motives behind the events that includes a video of threatening nature on You Tube. Then comes the news involving Swedish Twin sisters throwing themselves at the traffic on the Motorway in UK, all of the cases have a tendency of suicidal action.

Though I am not a psychologist, these behaviors I feel are developed in an individuals life over a period of time and they seek an outlet to the burning anger, anxiety and fear inside the patients suffering from such illness. Long time back (actually I read it only a few months back, but nature of today’s faster life where we take in huge loads of information it felt to me as if I have read this news article some light years back) I read in a news daily about a correction center that dealt with people with such kind of illness, I don’t remember the name of the institution, all I remember is that the institution is on an island in Sweden. The individuals behind the institute have a special interest for this initiative and it is a very popular place in known circles that deal with these kinds of incidents.

In the above cases, might be it was too late to discover their problems or who knows they could have been corrected so as to save precious lives including those of the perpetrator and the victims. After all a life is a life.

The Institute is a private initiative of a Swedish couple Lasse Siggelin and his wife Kirstin, (I went for a quick Google search and found what I was looking for, Thank God). And the Institute’s name is Hassela reform centre, located on the picturesque island of Gotland in Sweden.

Here you can read about it in the memory of those who lost their lives and in affection of those who are still alive and are in need of help. Thanks for reading.

An Island of last resort, an article about the special correction centre

An Excerpt from the article

"The "students", as they are called, are part of one of the world's most striking youth detention centres. They live in the main house or in smaller houses scattered throughout the village. Occasionally, there are "challenges" - the Irish boy, for example, who tried to hold up the post office with a knife, then went back to apologise - but for the most part, this small Swedish community accepts the 60 or so students who live in its midst as kids who need help to straighten themselves out."


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