Sep 30, 2008

The new Home-less in US

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Ever since the US sub-prime(real estate) credit crisis started, life has never been the same for many of the America's middle class, the rot is so deep and contagious that it has begun to show up in the streets. The news story which I went through highlights some of these stories which are increasingly taking place across the America's once vibrant middle class. Jobs have been lost and in the course homes too result, the citizens are now spending their nights in their 4X4 homes parked in the lots.

You can read the full story here

An Excerpt from the article:

In a car park across the street from luxury mansions, the evening brings a strange sight. A few cars arrive and take up spaces in different corners. In each car, a woman, perhaps a few pets, bags of possessions and bedding. Across the street from homes with bedrooms to spare, these are Santa Barbara’s car sleepers. Homeless within the last year, they are a direct consequence of America’s housing market collapse.


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