Sep 8, 2008

Obama slightly ahead of McCain in the Presidential Race

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There has been conflicting statements and counter statements, things which took place in the past and her present focus on things ahead of the campaign have almost took America a little bit hard on the political scene, Sarah Palin's recent past as according to the news reports does indicate clearly that she is somewhere more religious than she appears, and it is every one's personal right to be religious, but the political community would have definitely not liked the idea of mixing religion with politics and also caught off the hook on some key issues like Iraq War policy and many more things related to the Alaskan oil and gas project.

Well, ever since she took the center stage for the Vice Presidential race, the political obituary is almost nearing complete, analysts say that it is a close race, presidential race is deadlocked, I think Obama is distinctly ahead towards the road to Washington, because the Obama campaign doesn't have any new surprises for the American people of getting distracted from the main issues.
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ShoppingKharma said... Reply to comment

Let's hope what is best for American happens (Obama wins!). And the truth shall keep us free! It sure wouldn't for the Bush Administration and perhaps McCain too!

Life is Passion ! said... Reply to comment

Yes exactly, let's hope for the best for America and for the world. And the truth shall prevail. Stirring comment this !

Networking4Biz said... Reply to comment

People are so ignorant. Our country is worse off than ever if Obama gets elected. For more reasons than I care to to waste my time listing. Let's hope that McCain's new running mate (a great woman, might I add) is exactly what it takes to get McCain elected into office.


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