Sep 6, 2008

Snoring dangerous to health: Report

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Have you ever felt tired after a sleep ? Do you feel sleepy in the day time at times and often get caught in catnaps ?. Moreover, do you snore at normal levels ?

A new report on snoring concludes that snoring can be dangerous to health even at normal levels and can leave the person sleepy and prone to catnaps, you can read the story here.

There are numerous sleep disorders that affect the sleep in our daily lives, some of the common sleep disorders are

1. Bruxism: Involuntarily grinding or clenching of the teeth while sleeping
2. Delayed sleep phase syndrome DSPS: Inability to fall asleep and get awake at socially acceptable hours, but healthy sleep, advanced sleep phase syndrome ASPS and Non-24 hour sleep syndrome are less common than the DSPS.
3. Sleep walking or somnambulism: Activities performed while one is asleep, they can include eating, dressing and more without the subject being involved in the actual know how etc.,

Further reading:
1. Sleep Disorders an overview.
2. National Institutes of Health on Sleep Disorders.
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Liara Covert said... Reply to comment

Some children go through sleepwalking phases and outgrow them. This has been compared with phases of bedwetting and other growth phases related to fear. I have known older people to relay stories about snoring. Some also attribute this partly to being overweight or discovering some psychological issue. Everyone is different and can evolve to pinpoint reasons for their own state of mind.

Life is Passion ! said... Reply to comment

I agree with you Liara, If one can pinpoint his state of overall health, he/she will be in a good position to judge his behaviors over a period of time and can best take care of his health.

Thank you for your visit and the comment.

Networking4Biz said... Reply to comment

I wish my Dad would read up on snoring. Every night if I come home past 9, which on most nights I do, my Dad is passed out on the couch snoring so loud you would think he is near death.


Life is Passion ! said... Reply to comment

Hi Amanda ! I pray that the wish come true and your Dad have a snore-free healthy sleep. Thanks so much for the visit.

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