Jul 5, 2009

Research: Vegetarians at low cancer risk !

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A new UK research shows vegetarians at lower cancer risk. Watch the video to listen to the spokesperson.


Dee said... Reply to comment

I have veg with my lunch/dinner everyday. Grew ip eating raw carrots with lunch.

Really hope I'm never afflicted with that horrible disease.

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

Hi ...Yes vegetarians have a lowered cancer risk. I am a vegetarian and believe that "man" is meant to be vegetarian by nature.

I hope man understands and accepts it sometime :)

Life with Passion ! said... Reply to comment

@ Dee

Yes dee, this year's Nobel Prize(2009) for medicine has gone to Doctor's who worked on Genetic's of stem cells and that has greatly helped the researchers to look at Cancer with a new approach.

Life with Passion ! said... Reply to comment

@ Wecognize

I doubt that man is a Vegetarian by nature, it is because if you study the human teeth structure, our teeth have both the canine and herbivorous structures built into one, and that's a fact ! And yes the research does indicate of a low cancer risk for Vegetarians but also time will be a leading factor in this research to prove fully I think.

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