Aug 17, 2009

India Super Star Shah Rukh Khan detained for two hours at US customs and security check

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India's Super Sensational Movie star Shah Rukh Khan, heart throb of a billion people is reported to be detained at the US Customs and Security at the Immigration counter at Newark Airport in the US for well over two hours, where he was on a visit to participate in a cultural programme to celebrate India's 63 Indpendence day on an invitation from a US based Indian Community organisation, probably when his name 'khan' popped up onto the screen that irked a particular official as khan himself was pointing out ' that this particular officer wasn't bothered about, when I told him I am a movie star from India and let him make a call' , the authorities made the star lined into the regular frisking and searching of all the documents and baggage despite everything being in order and he says this is not the first time that he faced such a situation particularly in the US.

The story continues to make headlines in the Indian media, where now the Country's top executive officer on internal security affairs also making a statement that it looks like US overdid SRK's questioning and cautioned that the matter is going to be taken up with the US authorities regarding frisking of Indian nationals of high stature, also recently former Indian President APJ Abdul kalam was also frisked in India by the continental airlines which later apologised for the act.


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