Aug 15, 2009

Swimming, a good sport.

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Swimming is a beautiful sport. Though I am not a big time swimmer, but really likes to Swim more and more, quite often I catch cold. One of the reasons for this was, until I found out on a forum, I may be swimming in cold water and moving to a cold place while wet, both the suggestions held out to be true until I got proved myself and thanks to one listener who took time to point me out, sometimes we're lost in our daily lives, we don't give importance to some important but silly things like the ones to take precautions while Swimming.

Beach Scene, Tropics, Pacific ocean photo

Few days back I started swimming in a lake, water seemed to be OK but later on I saw my skin colour changing fast I stopped. It was a bit cold but OK to swim, now I swim in the pool. Natural waters are good to Swim, they have got their own taste and you feel one with the nature, like wise on the beaches and at the sea, you ride against the tides its so funny and exhilarating.

It's so interesting to see people Swim, everyone has got their own style and rhythm, like the faces.

But sometimes it is dangerous when someone doesn't know swimming, accidents happen in no time, my suggestion would be to take it seriously to learn swimming, you could be a life saver too.


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