Sep 16, 2009

Gaming addiction poses 'pandemic' threat : Expert

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Computer game addiction has truly become a menace for the kids, there seems to be no end to this perennial problem. Parents have much to worry about their kids spending all of the important time playing video games. I too remember the days when I used to spend lot of time at computer games, boy it's real addiction like any other thing. A recent post of mine delved with a topic related to the importance of outdoor lifestyles of children based on a study by
National Wildlife Federation

And now a study by an organization doing research in computer gaming addiction gives a new damning report in a new study indicating the addiction becoming a pandemic and a world wide phenomenon.

"This is a huge hidden problem in a lot of countries and it doesn’t get the same kind of attention because it takes place largely behind closed doors rather than out in public," Sven Rollenhagen of the Youth Care Foundation (Stiftelsen Ungdomsv√•rd. ) told The Local.

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The rate at which the new High Definition games hitting the market, there's a kind of huge following among all the younger generation. The important question is How a child is going to cope with the probability of getting addicted to computer machine games ? Guardians have a fair deal of sharing this responsibility I think.

"These are smart guys, highly intelligent, capable of being anything – doctors, engineers, whatever. But they find themselves tempted by computer games and end up just wasting time in front of a screen," said Rollenhagen.

You can read the full article here.

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