Dec 30, 2010

Valley of Flowers

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Valley of flowers, a beautiful, stunning, picturesque valley with 300 different alpine flowers is a discovery by a botanist and trekker Frank Smith in 1931 by accident. Naturally the serene valley left a mark on his thoughts that he even penned a book titled 'Valley of Flowers'.If you want to further explore about this beautiful and heavenly valley follow this link and see for yourself.
Discovery of Valley of Flowers 

More stunning pictures of flora and fauna at this wiki link.
 Wikilink- Valley of Flowers

More information about when to visit and lots of other information on hotels etc., at this link.
More Information on Valley of Flowers

Now there's a movie too titled Valley of Flowers, I don't  think you knew it before.
Movie titled Valley of Flowers

There's one more link that I wanted to share.
Another beautiful picture of Valley of Flowers
What a co-incidence as I provide you with so many links and this blog Valleyz is themed after Valleys and there's many flowers here too, haha :)

I hope you have enjoyed this sudden online discovery of mine. I wanted to share something special for all of my readers who visit this blog and take their time to leave comments. I thank you for all your visits and the follow. I hope year 2011 brings peace and joy in the lives of all people on the planet. Wishing you the best and signing off my last blog post of the year 2010. So here's a beautiful valley for you to explore.  Don't forget to leave your comments on What do you think about Valley of Flowers. See you in 2011. Cheers!!!


Janene Murphy said... Reply to comment

I clicked on the Valley of Flowers link. Wow! How breathtaking! Thanks for sharing.

Valleyz said... Reply to comment

@Janene MurphyThank you Janene,yeah it was amazing to discover this wonderful valley, online though. said... Reply to comment

Hi Valleyz,
--Beautiful scenery, the Himalayas would be such an interesting place to visit.

Irene Cortez said... Reply to comment

this is just so beautiful!!!!!! :-)

Happy New Year!!! :-)

Valleyz said... Reply to comment
Hi Jayme, Yes Himalayas are an exciting place to visit. Thank you!

Valleyz said... Reply to comment

@Irene Cortez
Yes it is so stunningly beautiful!!

Happy New year to you too!!!

Aries said... Reply to comment

Hi, Happy New Year to you. Love flowers, it always brightens up my days.

Valleyz said... Reply to comment

Hi There Aries. A very happy new year to you too! Yes, you are right flowers are so enchanting! I am thinking of posting a picture from this amazing valley.

Vijay Sharma said... Reply to comment

Thanks for mentioning us in your resources IndiaLine

Valleyz said... Reply to comment

@Vijay SharmaHi there Vijay, You are welcome.

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