Aug 30, 2008

" Answers to questions, you didn't know you had "

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Sharing of information on YouTube and other Social Networking websites can be visualized and shared now. The users can visualize their info in depth assisted with technical displays such as graphs, charts and other visuals they create to help analyze the data buried in spread sheets, tables or text writes Annie Eisenberg in a New York Times Service news report.

The users can now upload the data they want to visualise at an experimental website manyeyes and check the technical information they need to know about their information on the web.

Scientists at the Watson Research Centre of IBM in Cambridge, Massachusetts created the site to help people publish and discuss graphics in a group says the report.

There is a good scope of analysis and the commenting on other's works by visualising the data through different tools and discover unexpected patterns in the data.

The report says, the site is the brainchild of Martin Wattenberg and Fernanda B.Viegas two IBM researchers at the Cambridge laboratory.

Dr.Wattenberg elaborated, the technology have been historically the province of professionals, academia, business and government "we want to bring visualisation to a whole new audience" he said to people who have relatively few ways to create and discuss such use of data.

Now the users can embed images and links to their visualisations in websites or blogs, just as they can embed YouTube videos.

Ben Shniederman, a professor in the computer science department at the University of Maryland at college park, and a pioneer in information visualisation technology adds " The gift of Internet is that everyone can participate, and the tools can be brought to a much wider audience," he said.

" The great fun of information visualisation," he said,"is that it gives you answers to questions you didn't know you had"

Source- New York Times Service


This is exactly what users are dependent in day to day lives managing websites, blogs with the traffic monitoring tools to monitor the traffic and working with other SEO's ( Search Engine Optimizers) to know the analysis, reports and other details related to websites and blogs etc.

Users can derive information through graphical representations and charts out of the information available on the world wide web . This technology gives a new meaning who have never used this type of technology before and provides a new approach and solutions in handling the information on the web.


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