Sep 1, 2008

Coming of age with Blogs !

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One way to keep it up with the latest trends in technology is to keep browsing the web and study, know a few things about it, if you do get interested in, dig deeper into it. Nothing is impossible these days.

I remember the first time, when I started with Blogs way back in 2003-04, in fact I did even registered with one blog, though conveniently misplacing its details, like an abandoned property. It was fun with Blogger, when Google purchased it in 2003, I seldom could find any time after that, and this led to my neglect towards
Blogs or someone might even accuse me of a un-blogger like an attitude, but I will strongly refute such an allegation, given my tight schedules at that time, and I will enter my defense with a not guilty plea in case of such a scenario, though I still don't have enough time, but Blogging is my priority these days.

Google was still fighting it out and it was a good competitor at that time as far as I can remember, of what it is today. Knocking off the traditional giants like Microsoft and Yahoo. And now with all the Networking sites lighting up the LCD's etc. trends are predicted to further migrate towards new types of technologies. Technology in our times is faster than anything else, even the makers of these technologies often surprise themselves to see all the things happening so fast, one could have researched and developed Nano-technology, but the market trends speak different language, they depend heavily on the user-trends, the way way user reacts to it, the way it will sway leaving everything behind.

One way to keep up with such trends is to keep browsing the web for new technologies, know a few things about it, if you do get interested in, dig deeper into it. Nothing is impossible these days.

But changing templates can be a rude business sometimes, I started with the good old template of the yesteryear's on the Blogger. And it has come a long way since then, I am a novice when it comes to Web Designing, but needed to with stand the test of time, so had to work with it. I tried a hand at it but could only manage to change its color, I will come up with some interesting sites which I have found in course of my small template hunt, which should help us in our ordeal in my next post.


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