Sep 2, 2008

Broken relationships and the secrets behind.

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Have you ever had a broken relationship ? We are sometimes left pondering, what might have gone wrong, answers to all of the mystery reasons to all of the questions seems to have been discovered.

There is a Scientific reason behind broken relationships between Men and Women according to a new research done by a team of researchers from Sweden and United States. According to the research some men tend to carry a specific genetic variation that makes it harder for them from lasting bonds with women according to the news report published in the Sweden's English Language Website TheLocal.

A lead researcher Hasse Wallum at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden made this Observation " It's not necessarily that they are less capable of love, rather it's probably about a reduction of their social competence". The study involved several institutions from Sweden and United States and published in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The findings are based in a large part of genetic information gathered from about 550 pairs of Swedish twins and their partners involving a total of about 1000 men and women each.

A specific gene called AVPR1A, as well as codes for receptors of vasopressin, a hormone found in the brain which affects behaviour related to forming bonds and building relationships.

The research conducted by Wallum and his colleagues discovered that men and not women, which have one or two copies of a specific variation of the gene, have twice as high a risk for encountering problems in their relationships or marriages.

"I want to emphasize that men who carry this allele are not doomed to failure in their relationships. The effect is relatively modest. But the risks are greater than for other men. It is possible that they are also more prone to infidelity," said Wallum.

This research developments are bound to affect the way partners now perceive each other, one man might even say to his partner, hey I have this allele 334 to blame for my behaviour in relationships, but it is not that simple in real life, the researcher concludes. Isn't it ?

Source:The Local


timethief said... Reply to comment

I don't have a definitive response to the research as yet. I'd sure hate to hear men who are already married copping out by saying they didn't have the genes required to form lasting relationships so marriage breakdown wasn't their fault.

There is no testing for the genetic variation available to the public at this time but that may change in the future. If it does then perhaps women contemplating marriage will want their potential partners to be tested.

ebook jackbook said... Reply to comment

I just want to say....nice blog

"Hanging on a Hyphen" said... Reply to comment

I just can't figure out why failed relationships could be a biological thing. The emotional maturity of a person plays a greater role, and I would be hard pressed to believe there is something about the male genes that make the men stray. Relationships are a social phenomenon, where emotions rule, and to attribute bad relationships to genes is not very realistic.

Valleyz said... Reply to comment

Hi! TT, Yeah you are right, women will now might want to have a look at their genes by the researchers closely! :)

And who knows, both Men and Women, in future might have to go for certificates free of any defects in their relationships making genes!

Valleyz said... Reply to comment

@ebook jackbook

Thank you Jack! I welcome your appreciation!

Valleyz said... Reply to comment

@"Hanging on a Hyphen"Yeah, you're right! It will be very difficult for us to understand, that this is a genetic anomaly. May be Psychiatric history of a person should also have been under observation while making final assumptions in the research!

nothing profound said... Reply to comment

Well, the gene must be pretty prevalent considering the current divorce rate and the staggering incidence of infidelity.

coolinmgstar9 said... Reply to comment

Wow, Although gene also a factor according to the research. But we ready need to learn positive ways to handle relationship. For example, always thinking of good points of others.
This is the good information about gene.

Valleyz said... Reply to comment

@coolinmgstar9Yep, of course! It's not the end of the road, gene's can evolve over a period of time, there's lot more to it besides scientific evidence presented in the research. And moreover we haven't have heard about treating marital discords with medicines. :)

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