Sep 3, 2008

Models going hungry, How ?

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Modelling as a career is lucrative, but the practices in the industry are not. On and off we get to hear the news Models getting in trouble with unhealthy dietary plans which lead them to severe health problems and in some cases we came to know about on stage drama's like models falling off the ramp in a dizzy state and in extreme cases some models died. How horrific ? I am talking about Ana Carolina Reston the model from Brazil. If you look at some of the facts, I am simply amazed, How crazy this industry is.

Though there is more awareness, but do you feel the work has been done and all is well and fine, this article discusses the same issue. I personally think Anorexia can be done only with boycotting big pageant shows which put on show, models with such astonishing figures who are actually more closer to death than they appear. Behind the screens there has been lot of research being done on eating disorders, but that is just different from self imposed or a industry stipulated guidelines, where you starve yourself to nightmares.

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Anonymous said... Reply to comment

Thank god You have addressed this problem-I have a 5 year old grand-baby on a "diet" this BS reaches into the lives of even our children. I was very over weight and I lost the weight by EATING! never starve yourself! To keep the weight off I "binge" on seafood! If you have a better way to eat and be healthy, I'll publish it on my Blog!
All my love,William

Life with Passion ! said... Reply to comment

Thank you so much Lumpy for the visit and very important advise, I appreciate it much.

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