Aug 30, 2008

Bend it like Beckham !

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You need to sweat it out to be a successful Blogger, this is what I have found through my extensive research on the subject as many might already know this, but the real problem for part timers is they cannot devote much of their time to Blogging due to the working schedules and experts in the business disclose that there is fierce competition in the field, as we have some idea about it ourselves.

Of the many tips particularly for the beginners, I have found through my research is that, they should blog extensively in their starting days to gain popularity among readers and should be ready to provide outstanding information on the subject if not a very extensive approach.

Though I personally have tasted success with one such article which I wrote, I continuously received traffic for well over a week for that single page and it was definitely a good learning practical experience for me.

What separates the good blogger from the others is the quality of information and the real need has to be compensated by the Blogger for the person who is out there searching for a good source. So better preparation and execution has to be the hallmark of a good blogger.


Anonymous said... Reply to comment

Yes, I've read that most bloggers give up too soon because what they're expecting doesn't happen quickly enough. I've been at it just over a year, and many times I've felt disappointed and wondered if I was wasting my time, but all it takes is to get a thank you from 1 person that I have helped with a problem with their pet's health or their own, and it's all worthwhile.

Life is Passion ! said... Reply to comment

Yes of course, that's exactly should be the motivation and I am happy to know that, it takes what it should take, someone is expecting out of it.

Thanks for stopping by and also for the time to leave a comment.

Thanks again !

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