Aug 25, 2008

What are the essentials for a new Blogger, my experience about a short journey in Blogosphere.

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Here comes another one, the same old Blogging philosophy, but I want to share my shortest of experience, building my Blog and kind of difficulties I am facing and what really I have gained as a new Blogger, with people who are quite experienced and on their way, as well as with the new entrants who are just recently into this. Basically I want to share as well as learn both at the same time, so that I can reach a point where I can say, yeah I am doing fine and now I know exactly what I need to do ahead to keep continuing. Being a technical science student, it was a bit easier for me to start, and I really found out building a decent Blog doesn't need any big effort.

But the actual point is, I had to work really harder than I expected, and I have worked harder and I know there is lots and lots of work which is remaining, and there are a few important reasons that I want to discuss.

Firstly, things are not as they used to be in the past, there are very well established Blogs out there who have consolidated and the blogging community is expanding faster, and also there are news, people abandoning blogs all together because of failure to generate traffic or in other sense failing to attract the readers.

Let us elaborate on the first point i.e., How to establish your blog in a market which is already established, I will say there are two points behind this that we could build up on, firstly we need to do a little bit of research about our own abilities and strong points, where you can prove yourself to be the best, any field of your liking or interests, that you might think that will sustain you through out the journey in blogger world, if I can say 'I am a Jack of all trades' half of my work is almost done, remaining part is applying yourself on to the job of building a successful blog. If you think you lack some skills and there is no need to press the panic button, you should make up your mind to learn out a few gimmicks about every technology that might come across you while building a successful blog. And it is never difficult as a blog is completely a designed object or a product, where you need to made slight changes to suit your needs, that you might think are necessary for building the blog, you should know very well where your blog stands in terms of design, in terms of content, in terms of usability, visitor friendly, you need to decide early what sort of visitors you would like to your blog, it will be wrong to presume that whole of the world is going to visit my blog, it can be true if your blog cater to the needs of your visitor, but wise thing would be to consolidate first on a select group and then try to expand yourself when you are a well established source of information. If you try to do as many things as faster there is a chance that we might not achieve the goal of building a successful blog, which should be out least priority.

Secondly , there will always be space for new entrants with new ideas, people always look out for new things as it is a common human psychological trait, that you need more and more of it and you are never satisfied. So, these are the few points I think will motivate a new blogger who is just out there in the traffic and wants to prove himself. I will deeply appreciate, if readers can point out to me my shortcomings through comments, as I myself have faced a lot of trouble building one and I really had to work hard on this. So, I will greatly appreciate if there any suggestions for me so that I can improve as I know there is a lot of scope for improvement on my blog.

Moving ahead with the next thing, think before actually starting to build a blog, What Blog you want to start with, is it related with Science, or related with News and Media or Entertainment or Economy or Medicine or Sports etc. you need to be pretty sure about that. Why I am saying this coz, we will not have the best of opportunities to turn back after going on to a road ahead for a while and say Hey I would have better did this or that. You might make changes but those are not the ideal method or way to build a Blog. And also one of the important things that I found out was, every single effort while blogging is worth more valuable than we might think.

Only thing you should know pretty well, what you want to achieve through your blog, what actually you want your blog to be, decide the subject early, and stick to it like a lizard. I have found some good small steps one need to keep in mind before actually starting to build a Blog. And after deciding thoroughly what you want to blog about, take the next step. I mean to say, like we take every single decision in our daily lives blogs need to be defined and should taste in the similar manner and should cater to people that you are expecting will visit the blog, make it popular and a successful one . Unless you don't figure it out then don't start just building your Blog, as you will soon run out of gas pretty faster.

Blogging is fun as long as you know, what you are blogging about. You need to understand thoroughly what you are expecting from your blog, as soon as you do that, you are on your way. There are lots of points that I want to discuss and I know this will not fit into a single post and I would like to continue the work in my next posts as I progress and I request the readers to leave suggestions that you think are appropriate for me and I will follow up. And I sincerely thank you for reading and sharing the experience.


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