Aug 25, 2008

Unravelling the Mendis mystery.

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Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni was talking about the way out to battle Mendis on the field. After his match winning batting performance which helped India score a formidable total, Dhoni was all confident personified on how to take on the Sri Lankan mystery spinner, to him most of the Indian batsmen fell time and again, sometimes against playing him out and sometimes defending him, so one would definitely like to know How to play him ?

Here's what Dhoni suggested with his shrewd cricketing sense, for which he is so admired in this Cricket crazy country. Dhoni, didn't present any magical strategy to take on the spinner, but pointed towards some simple mindset when batting out against specialist spinners. He asked the batsmen to punish the loose deliveries from the spinner so that there's always pressure to bowl a tight length, that definitely works when you know it is a trap or really a loosener. And that's where a good batsman like Dhoni leads his team to some memorable performances.

And it was no surprise why Dhoni's absence was so missed in the recently concluded Test series and he could have really made a difference both by keeping the wickets and knocking out Medis. How good Indian batsmen will tackle Mendis from here on in this series will definitely be an indication how good he is going to shape in the future.

It is no doubt that he is a class bowler but One day international Cricket is a different ball game altogether, where a bowler needs to be consistent through out, and how good your support bowlers are bowling in those phases of a match also makes an impression on your bowling strategy.

It will be interesting to see How Mendis and Indian batsmen play out each other. One thing is for sure, Dhoni will surely like to win this series, to avenge the Asia cup series, when the cup slipped through India's hands.


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