Aug 19, 2008

What is the ranking system at International Olympic Committee at the Olympic games ?

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Well, there has been news reports today regarding the new scoring system that the authorities employed at the Gymnastic games in this edition of Olympics.

Many have said this has cast a shadow on the overall gymnastics event, what with the Chinese has performed as never before since the former Soviet Union.

The grievance here is China won 3 out of the 4 Golds, but US and France were denied a place at the Podium, yes it looks a bit indigestible, but we need to dig deeper to find what it is,

The old rule "perfect 10" was replaced with two marks,
1. A mark out of 10 (which resembles the old one) for execution.
2. Another mark for reflecting the difficulty of the routine.

Countback System

Now the US Gymnast Nastia Lukin and He( it is the Chinese player's name to avoid any confusion ) both scored 9.025 for execution and 7.7 for difficulty to give them a score of 16.725 each.

Now here comes the reason why the medals are not being shared these days, International Olympic Committee IOC, told International federation of Gymnastics to stop sharing the medals after the Atlanta Games. And the new tie break system to decide between these types of ties were employed after that in 1997

What is the actual rule ???

The actual rule is the Count back System where the highest and lowest of five judges marks were progressively removed until a winner emerged.

"I don't know if anybody understands what the Hell is going on " liukin's father and coach Valeri was quoted by AFP as saying. Valeri himself won the Olympic Gold competing for the former Soviet Union on high bar at the 1988 Seoul games.

There were reports in other finals too at the games, where in men's vault final Polish Blenik and France's Bouhail both scored 9.5375 for execution and 7.0 for difficulty to final total of 16.537, and this time it was Bouhail who lost out on Gold.


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