Sep 15, 2008

Sarah Palin and the Republican Campaign

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The campaign for the 2008 Presidential elections has surely veered off the issues at hand. Both the Republicans and the Democrats trading some outstanding comments against each other, it was simply frustrating to see all that happen.

It doesn't augur well for the Republican party campaign for the 2008 Presidential elections, to have reduced this campaign for a media frenzy show and the comment war which was the spectacle of the headlines through out the world during the last few days of the campaign.

The issues at hand for the US are typically different, with the mess in the Wall Street, sluggish economy and the fears of the investors are relentless, the Republican Campaign seems to be caught off the hook on some important issues plaguing the US and world economy.

Now with the Alaskan report due on the Sarah Palin's role on the ouster of the Alaskan trooper is scheduled to be released no less than three weeks before the final countdown, these elections seem to be heading to the wire.

And it will be very interesting to see which way Sarah Palin's campaign for 2008 Vice Presidential campaign goes with things looking pretty bad on the economy front and Obama pointing a finger at the present Republican administration.

Also an email is circulating the web regarding Sarah Palin's Alaska years and has nothing to do with this post, take a look here

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Tamera said... Reply to comment

Yes, it's going to be an interesting journey! Time will tell.

Life is Passion ! said... Reply to comment

I think the Wall Street Mess has certainly created whole lot of problems and is an indicator of the things to come, if you could remember the economy being good the last time was during the final days of the Clinton Presidency and after the Sep 11 till now, the Republican Administration had two terms, but here we are amid all the chaos.

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