Oct 18, 2008

Canada declares bisphenol A as hazardous, thus limiting its further use in baby bottles

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Following its announcement of April 18th 2008, Canadian government has declared Bisphenol A (BPA) a hazardous chemical two days back, thus preventing its further use as a plastic bottle container of baby foods halting any further imports of the chemical.

Canada's Health Minister Mr Tony Clement, earlier this year announced Canada was considering banning the chemical BPA from use in baby bottles.

The Health Canada's report should have been published in the Canada Gazette publication.

Bisphenol A is also found in hard plastic sports bottles and in the food can linings, how the authorities are going to limit the use is still not clear yet.

Earlier the Journal of American Medical Association research reported finding
" significant relationship " that mimics estrogen with many diseases including fatal heart and liver disease and also the National Toxicology Program of the US found the chemical to carry some strain.
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