Aug 24, 2009

H1N1 battle: No side effects in the flu shot

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H1N1 is mesmerizing around the world, but some reports are encouraging as there are reported to be no side effects as of yet and the immunization program in the US, clinical trials on Adults has begun on Aug 7 and on children on Wednesday. Later on the shots will be tested on pregnant women too, large swathes of population has been effected by the flu, at least 550 deaths in US is reported to be from the Virus, but the real number is definitely higher, the flu is expected to peak when the winter sets in and schools are specially advised to keep the sick children out and make the healthier ones wash their hands regularly.

Though some strains of the flu were found in two Turkey's, doctors said that is not a cause for worry as it is not lethal and there were no adverse effects in the birds, H5N1, bird flu was lethal and made the culling important.

Many countries in southern hemisphere are bracing for the winter season as it results in a normal flu season due to colder and drier temperatures, people are advised to stay clean and eat a healthy diet and there is no need to be worried. Hopefully the new shot will soon provide the desired results and could be efficient as far as the results indicate. But it is too short a period for any clinical trial of a vaccine to be commended secure with no side effects.

NY times story


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