Aug 24, 2009

Netbooks set to dominate the market

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Nokia is planning to develop netbooks, a laptop device designed to support the basic Internet access features and executing other applications.

Nokia netbooks are using Windows and Intel's atom processor which are most commonly used in these types of editions of Netbooks, already in the market are Austek, the pioneer, as well as laptop HP and Dell.

laptop which letters go out from photo

Netbooks are well sutiable for Site Engineers and Business people on the move for daily basic needs, giving them a smart and easy access of a feel of a laptop at a very low cost and weight. The market for Netbooks is expanding fast when compared to the PC and mobile sales. It is reported that there will be 127 % increase to over 26 million units from 2008. No wonder why Nokia is entering this segment despite margins being very less.

Nokia's Version of Netbook


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