Aug 27, 2009

Stockholm prepared to enforce smoking ban next year.

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Employees of the city of Stockholm are going to face a smoking ban. The capital city of Sweden is going to enforce a smoking ban upon its 45,000 employees.

It is said that the smoking related illness and other sickness holidays are costing the government some $367 million per annum. The law which is not yet introduced, will be formally launched from 1st of May next year in all probability as the ruling government is supportive of the idea and is very much likely to vote for the ban according to the Swedish television channel SVT.

In a survey done by a local organization found out that at least 64 or more municipalities are interested on the ban out of 290 city councils in the state of Sweden.

Now Smokers will be able to enjoy smoking cigarette in the un-paid lunch hour only. Well, it seems quitting smoking is the best option under the circumstances, I don't know what type of fine the government will enforce if someone breaks the ban, that will be interesting to watch.


snowbird said... Reply to comment

find it ban a legal product

Life with Passion ! said... Reply to comment

Ummmm yeah you are right snowbird, but I think the councils are more worried about the wastage of working hours related to smoking. Which is suspected to causes losses. The taxes in Sweden are very high and that puts more pressure on government to be more efficient.

Thank you for the visit and the comment.

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