Sep 5, 2009

China approves one dose home-grown swine flu vaccine

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China on Thursday granted approval to its first home-grown swine flu vaccine, which producer Sinovac says is effective after only one dose, as the country braces for a feared winter outbreak.

European version of vaccine produced by the UK Pharmaceutical companies such as Glaxo, is a two doses based vaccine, and there are special guidelines for children below three years in some countries.

With India too gearing up in the vaccine campaign, initially the Government of India is planning to administer first vaccine shots of about 2 million doses to the doctors and health care workers, and other important service sector employees involved in battling the virus and who are at a higher risk of contracting the virus.

The main concern of the complete vaccination scenario is not enough time has been spent studying the after effects of the vaccine, but recent reports indicated that there have been no complications as of yet. But it is still hard to say about the total effectiveness of the Flu shot, as it is a battle against time with the onset of flu season in most parts of the world.

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