Sep 3, 2009

Ramadan: The holiest month of the Muslim faithful

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Ramadan is the holiest month of the Islamic Calendar, the Holy Qur'an was revealed in this holy month by the God as per the beliefs of the community. Fasting is ordained in this month by the God for the faithful to better understand the conditions of the poor and the misery and work for their welfare and upliftment not only in the month of holy month of Ramadan but throughout their lives. Zakah, an Islamic name for the charity is compulsory for those are rich and affluent by certain means. It is basically a system to help those who are in need as per the
God's laws.

Medina photo

Believers are ordained to restrict many of the cultural activities due to set of rules laid down for fasting by the God. Eid ul fitr festival marks the end of month of beautiful month of Ramadan, where delicacies are served to enjoy the spiritualness of the month.


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