Sep 23, 2009

Saddam's former body guard to be deported from Sweden

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It is just one of the many Asylum stories but it seems the state has had a final say in this case. A former body guard for Saddam Hussein is set to be deported from Sweden according to news reports.

According to the security intelligence of Sweden sapo, the man is a security risk for the country. The security intelligence report which claims the man a security risk remains classified.

The government is well aware of the situation of the man and the nature of threat against the man but still is unwilling to budge from its rigid stand.

If deported the man faces a direct threat to his life from extra judicial killings in Iraq taking place after the overthrow of the former Ba'ath party of Iraq under Saddam Hussein.

His wife and children have been provided Asylum earlier.

The Human rights lawyers working in this case state that it is against law of the land to deport a man even if he is a security risk.

It is a very contentious issue as to what happens to the man if deported to Iraq, one thing is to be considered for sure, if nothing happened since 2003 in that country, what will happen to Sweden if he is given Asylum ?

You can read the full story here.


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